28 November 2008

23 Things: The Fourth Tool = Photo-sharing

The focus of this post is on web-based photo-sharing tools, specifically Flickr. This service lets you upload photos, organize them into thematic sets, and even group them into larger collections. See, for example, IFRC's set on "refugees and internally displaced persons." You can view photos individually or as a slideshow. Another example of a collection is UNHCR's Pictorial History.

You can locate relevant photos either by browsing tags assigned to each or geographically through Flickr's map application. If you visit Minority Rights Group's tag cloud (or grouping of tags), you can select "iraqiminorityrefugees" to view photos that have been tagged accordingly. IFRC lets you choose country-specific photo sets to view by selecting from a map of the world.

And if you want to monitor new additions to someone's general photostream or to a specific collection or set, you can subscribe to an RSS feed or bookmark a page in del.icio.us. Just scroll to the bottom of the page displaying the particular photos you are interested in and choose from the options provided.

Other photo-sharing options are available including Picasa, Shutterfly, and many more.

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